Enhance your students’ journey to success with LeadCommGym’s Career Catalyst Workshop Series, designed to equip them with the essential soft skills valued by hiring professionals worldwide.

According to LinkedIn, 92% of hiring experts prioritize soft skills over technical abilities, with 89% attributing hire failures to a lack of these crucial skills. The demand for top soft skills poses a challenge, as 73% of employers struggle to find candidates who excel in this area per a Cengage Report.

At LeadCommGym, we recognize the impact soft skills have on hiring, retention, engagement, and advancement in today’s competitive job market. Our 6-workshop series caters to students transitioning from college to their careers, offering tools to navigate challenges and seize opportunities with confidence.

With a focus on mindset, emotional intelligence, decision-making, and communication – proven areas that transform leaders and teams – our workshops provide a transformative learning experience. Empower your students to step into their future roles with assurance and impact from day one.

Download the PDF to learn more about our workshops and how they prepare students for a successful career and life. Let LeadCommGym help catalyze your students’ futures through the Career Catalyst Workshop Series.

Career Catalyst Workshop Series

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David A. Brown-Dawson, May 8, 2024