About US

Founder and CEO

David Brown-Dawson

LeadCommGym draws inspiration from the Leadership Communication and Leading People courses I took at UC Berkeley Haas as well as the Stanford T-Group “Touchy Feely” program I participated in. I want to provide the opportunity to build mindset, develop emotional intelligence, enhance decision-making, and improve communication abilities outside of an academic institution.

Through my time as an officer in the Air Force, my time in school, and my time in the business world, I have experienced the impact of intentional leadership and effective communication and the adverse impact of unintentional leadership and ineffective communication on a team member’s sense of belonging and their ability to navigate towards the team’s goals.

I decided to build something that I myself needed: a space in which I can become the best version of myself and the leader my teams need while having a good time! Each workout is curated with you and those you lead in mind.